School Teachers

The Lindenbergs
Early in life Harry and Myrna Lynn noticed within themselves a concern for people who were inwardly wounded and struggling. Harry began studying the topic of Inner Healing in 1983. In 1999 he attended a 20 Day School of Healing & Deliverance Ministry put on by Ellel Ministries at one of their England centers. Over the next three years Harry and Myrna Lynn were significantly involved with both LifePath Ministries and Ellel Canada (the former ministry becoming Ellel Canada in September of 2002), obtaining teaching and training from them. From October, 2003 till July, 2004, Harry and Myrna Lynn attended Ellel’s N.E.T.S. training school in England.


Other Teachers
Desert Streams also has others teach at the LiFE Schools, including some of their staff, ministers and School graduates, and also some friends of the ministry–including some pastors–who have insight and experience on the topic(s) they present for us.