LiFE Light School

School and Course Format

The course runs for approximately 3 hours (i.e. 6:45 – 9:45 pm) one week night per week over 8 weeks.


School Topics

  1. Christian Healing–What it is and how it happens
  2. The Fall, Evil and Suffering
  3. The Inner Being and the Sinful Nature
  4. The Spiritual Realm and the Kingdom of God
  5. Satan’s Strategies and Spiritual Warfare
  6. Healing through Forgiveness
  7. Fear
  8. Rejection
  9. Truth, Lies and Beliefs
  10. Blessings and Curses
  11. Generational Iniquity
  12. Ungodly Person Ties
  13. Ministry Skills
  14. Binding and Loosing
  15. Deliverance Ministry


School Dates

LiFE Light 2 (LL2) is scheduled to begin at the end of September, 2022. The location of this course is still to be determined.

Proposed dates are as follows:

  1. Tuesday, Sept. 27
  2. Tuesday, Oct. 4
  3. Tuesday, Oct. 11
  4. Tuesday, Oct. 18
  5. Tuesday, Oct. 25
  6. Tuesday, Nov. 1
  7. Tuesday, Nov. 8
  8. Tuesday, Nov. 15


School cost

The cost for this course will be $175/person. (Payment instructions are available under the “Donations” page.)


School registration

To register for this course, please go to the “Applications” page and fill out the “LiFE School Application Form” (specify LL2 under Course Details).