Our Approach to Healing

  • Is a prayer–based ministry. Generally both the people seeking healing and the ministry team members engage in prayer about the issues that come up during a ministry session.


  • Seeks to help people discover, or recognize, the roots of their issues and then strategic prayer is directed into those roots to see healing and freedom come into their life.


  • Recognizes that people’s current symptoms are often related to past issues or experiences, and sometimes even to issues and events of a generational nature.


  • Combines teaching about healing and discipleship with prayer ministry. This approach enables people not only to be helped through the prayer ministry, but also enables them to understand how or why they became wounded and bound so they can more easily stay whole and free and also be equipped to help others.


  • Affirms that the greatest and most primary healing people can experience comes through being reconciled with Creator God through faith in the Person and work of Jesus Christ, and that further substantial and lasting healing can be effected after this happens.