Personal Ministry Appointments

Personal Ministry Appointments (also known as PMAs) are scheduled meetings between a person seeking healing and a team of 2–3 Ministry Team members from Desert Streams. A PMA may last for 2–3 hours, during which time the Ministry Team explores and prays through issues with the person seeking healing.

PMAs are usually available Monday through Friday. Appointments can be arranged for a morning, an afternoon or an evening, subject to Ministry Team availability.

Desert Streams does not charge a fee for Personal Ministry Appointments! Those who receive personal ministry from Desert Streams are welcome to give a donation to Desert Streams, if they’d like, to support the ministry and show appreciation for its services.

A list of convenient donation methods are given on the “Donations” tab on this web-site. Desert Streams is predominantly a donations-based ministry, and as such relies upon, and greatly appreciates, every donation made to the ministry!

Those wishing to apply for a Personal Ministry Appointment must fill out and submit a personal ministry application form (see the Applications page).

PMA inquiries can be made through contacting Desert Streams – See Contact Us